NN Information Technology Fund

The Sub-fund mainly invests worldwide in (depositary receipts for) shares (including claims, convertible bonds, profit and founders prove or options, warrants to acquire or dispose of such securities and other similar securities) that are active in the information technology sector. This includes companies active in the field of software, IT services, internet, hardware, semiconductors and semiconductor equipment.

The portfolio is spread over several countries. The Sub-fund has the ability to enable investments both directly and indirectly – for example, by entering into exposure on the appropriate financial instruments through derivatives or investments in other investment funds – to hold. The Sub-fund may use derivatives such as options, futures, warrants, swaps and currency futures. This can be applied for covering risks and efficient portfolio management.

These can be any leverage which the sensitivity of the Sub-fund for market movements. When using derivatives is ensuring that the portfolio as a whole within the investment restrictions. The risk profile associated with the type of investor that focuses, the Sub-fund does not change as a result of the use of these instruments.

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Ways You Can Do To Lower Property Taxes Property tax is a kind of tax that’s levied directly on all sorts of real estate property. And because these taxes have the tendency to steadily rise over time, these causes worry to some homeowners. Because people often take mortgage for their property, the added charge increasing overtime is creating inconvenience. Well, instead of worrying when the tax time rolls, following are some ways that can be done to minimize the impact of property taxes. Tip number 1. Limit the curb appeal – property tax is levied based on the assessed value which is then determined by the tax assessor. The value assessed is calculated by taking several factors in mind such as the attractiveness of the property, general vicinity and comparison with neighboring houses. So to make sure that the assessed value stays reasonable, you can steer clear of fancy modifications as this makes sure that your house will not look primped out. Tip number 2. Avoid structural changes – one of the simplest ways of avoiding high property taxes is done simply by avoiding house renovations like adding a floor above the roof, building a balcony or increasing the size of the house. The tax assessor will be taking these structural add-ons in mind and typically, these sorts of changes are what contributing to the huge increase in property tax. Tip number 3. Analyze your property tax card – tax card is a kind of document that is providing detailed info about the property you own like the accurate dimensions of rooms, size of the plot as well as the number and type of fixtures in the house. Information about structural additions is mentioned here as well. You could also have this card from local tax office and check for any discrepancies in the mentioned info. If you ever find any errors, then you can raise complaints to the tax assessor. This guarantees that you are not paying extra tax due to the incorrect information.
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Tip number 4. Compared to confirm – usually, detailed info about your neighboring houses is available in local tax office. You may always look through the assessed value of other properties in the neighborhood and property specifications if you ever feel that your property has been assessed unfairly. There are occasions which identical properties are given with a different assessment value and in such cases, you may present this issue to the tax assessor.
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Tip number 5. Accompany the assessor – many people do not mind if the tax assessor is checking out their house on their own. This isn’t a good idea as there are cases that the assessors might look past the problems of house while giving it an unfair high assessed value.