NN Information Technology Fund

The Sub-fund mainly invests worldwide in (depositary receipts for) shares (including claims, convertible bonds, profit and founders prove or options, warrants to acquire or dispose of such securities and other similar securities) that are active in the information technology sector. This includes companies active in the field of software, IT services, internet, hardware, semiconductors and semiconductor equipment.

The portfolio is spread over several countries. The Sub-fund has the ability to enable investments both directly and indirectly – for example, by entering into exposure on the appropriate financial instruments through derivatives or investments in other investment funds – to hold. The Sub-fund may use derivatives such as options, futures, warrants, swaps and currency futures. This can be applied for covering risks and efficient portfolio management.

These can be any leverage which the sensitivity of the Sub-fund for market movements. When using derivatives is ensuring that the portfolio as a whole within the investment restrictions. The risk profile associated with the type of investor that focuses, the Sub-fund does not change as a result of the use of these instruments.

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